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Friday, July 20, 2007

QuickBooks SureStart Package

QuickBooks is introducing a pilot program to help new customers get set-up and trained on QuickBooks, quickly, precisely and according to their business needs.

QuickBooks SureStart will get you set-up & trained on QuickBooks, quickly & accurately

What is QuickBooks SureStart Package?

The program provides all of the following and more:

- Consultation – Start with consultative interview by a QuickBooks Professional to understand your business needs.

- Suggestion- Which QuickBooks software is right for your business if you haven't already purchased the software.

- Installation and Set-up - Including set-up of Chart of Accounts, opening balances and customer preferences.

Get up and running quickly & accurately with QuickBooks SureStart

- Training – You will be instructed how to use the QuickBooks software to perform basic tasks and how to track financial information for your company. After purchasing the QuickBooks SureStart Package, a QuickBooks Professional will contact you within 3 days to setup an initial consultation.

- Support - The program provides consultation for 5 business days past set-up period

- Pricing - $199.00 for SureStart Only. Special Bundle Offer: $368.96 (a 15% discount) SureStart Package along with QuickBooks Pro.

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More about SureStart:

SureStart is a small-scale BETA program, designed to test the concept whether QB users are willing to purchase a program that will help them get started on QuickBooks. Intuit's objective is to help connect more ProAdvisors with NEW QB users who are for some reason or another, not picking up the phone and calling ProAdvisors today. Pro Advisors’s goal is to help the ProAdvisors get new, long-term customers from the pool of small businesses that do not currently have a ProAdvisor today.

Who is providing the service for the SureStart program?

There is a team of Certified ProAdvisors (most of them Advanced Certified) to provide this service.

How many customers will be involved in the pilot?

In the beginning there will be approximately 150-200 customers in total over the course of the next 3-4 months.

How are the ProAdvisors picked for this program?

There are only a few ProAdvisors involved in this program for now. Intuit chose Certified ProAdvisors (most are Advanced Certified) located in specific cities to be geographically representative.

Get your quick start with QuickBooks SureStart