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Monday, February 18, 2008

QuickBooks 2008: The best accounting software for small businesses

EDMONTON, Feb. 13 /CNW/ - Intuit Canada's small business customers are
delighted with the recent release of QuickBooks 2008. The 2008 version of
Canada's best selling small business accounting software focuses on
ease-of-use improvements for important day-to-day tasks with more than 100 new
features. With enhanced management and administration tools, the latest
features truly extend the power of QuickBooks beyond accounting to make
important everyday tasks faster and easier.

Making critical jobs easier than ever

QuickBooks 2008 makes day-to-day tasks easier, with faster workflows,
straightforward navigation, and simple data search and management.It also
provides a big picture view of essential business tasks, so users know how
their business is running with a single glance at the screen. Major
developments include a new homepage and navigation bar, improved set-up for
new users, flexible sales tax model as well as new Customer, Vendor and
Employee Centres that keep vital business information just a click away.
QuickBooks 2008 lets Canadian small business owners focus on their business by
helping them efficiently manage their accounting and business activities.
"In a recent survey, two thirds of small business owners said accounting
and financial planning software gives them the confidence to build and manage
a successful business," said Barb Anderson, group marketing manager, Intuit
Canada. "We continually work with our customers to address their small
business challenges. Improvements in QuickBooks translate into time-saving and
greater productivity for Canadian small businesses, and lets them focus on
what they are passionate about - their business."

Key information just two clicks away with new Home Page

The new QuickBooks 2008 Home Page makes navigation more intuitive and
provides easy access to essential business tasks and information from a single
location. Users are never more than two clicks away from customer invoices,
vendor accounts payable, sales tax information and critical data.
The Customer Centre lets users view all customer transactions, including
invoices, refunds and sales orders, through a single pane in the Customer
Centre window. The Vendor Centre gives users quick access to a complete
picture of where their money is going, from a full view of supplier-related
transactions to detailed payroll schedules and more. The Employee Centre
provides easy access to employee contact details and transactions on a single
In a separate Payroll Centre, users can easily process and prepare
cheques and tax forms. QuickBooks Payroll is offered through a convenient
subscription service.

Additional improvements include:

- The EasyStep(R) start-up interview has been streamlined, moving from
over 100 screens to 28, simplifying the set up process for new
customers and reducing the likelihood of errors during setup or data
- An integrated version of Google Desktop Search makes it easy to search
by key word to quickly retrieve items such as customer details,
invoices, supplier/vendor information and other relevant data.

Easier interaction with your accountant

QuickBooks 2008 features many enhanced tools that allow accountants to
work more efficiently with clients, while securely e-mailing data back and
forth. With an always-on audit trail to ensure accuracy, QuickBooks
automatically tracks all additions, deletions and modifications made in the
company file.
In addition, accountants are now able to toggle between multiple editions
of QuickBooks, making it easier to see what the client sees when
troubleshooting remotely.
"This is clearly the biggest new QuickBooks release in years," said
Michael Di Lauro, CMA, of Di Lauro & Company. "We see this as an excellent way
to bolster our working relationship with clients and to bring new small
businesses into the fold."

Product Lineup

QuickBooks offers a range of products with the right solution for every
small business:

- QuickBooks EasyStart 2008 is the easiest way to accurately track money
coming in and out of new and home-based businesses.
- QuickBooks Pro 2008 quickly and easily manage accounting tasks,
inventory and purchase orders. More than 100 customizable reports help
track and show business performance.

- QuickBooks Premier 2008 delivers comprehensive financial management
with tools and functionality, including many tailored to specific
industries such as contractors and accountants, with familiar
terminology, forms & reports as well as custom tools to forecast
sales/expenses and analyze performance. Premier also includes a one-
year subscription to QuickBooks Remote Access, providing secure access
to QuickBooks and other data stored on the user's business computer.
- QuickBooks Payroll 2008 works with QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2008 to
create an in-house payroll solution that performs automatic
calculations, includes up-to-date tax tables & forms, produces T4s and
calculates due dates for each upcoming pay period.

In addition to the full range of QuickBooks software, resources, and
training offered by Intuit Canada, users also have access to the QuickBooks
Community online forum that covers business and technical topics, plus access
to thousands of QuickBooks ProAdvisors across Canada who offer local
accounting support. Schools and community colleges also offer QuickBooks
courses as part of their continuing education curricula.

Pricing and Availability

The complete 2008 QuickBooks product lineup includes:

- EasyStart ($79.99)
- Pro ($199.99)
- Premier Accountant Edition ($499.99 each)
- QuickBooks Payroll, starting at $16.67 per month

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About Intuit Canada

Intuit Canada is a leading provider of business, financial and tax
management solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses, consumers and
accounting professionals. Key products and services include Quicken(R),
QuickBooks(R), QuickBooks(R) Succès PME, QuickTax, and ImpôtRapideMC. Intuit
Canada directly, or through its partners, offers ProFile(R), a professional
tax preparation software suite, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, the Intuit
Developer Network for professional users and developers and other products and
services. Intuit Canada and its partners enable individuals, small businesses,
retailers and financial professionals to better manage their financial lives
and businesses. Visit Intuit Canada's partner sites at www.intuit.ca and
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employees located in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Intuit Canada a
subsidiary of Intuit Inc., and is listed on the Nasdaq stock market under the
symbol INTU.

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18 February, 2008