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Friday, November 24, 2006

What's New in QuickBooks 2007

Now QuickBooks 2007 takes the valued, simplified design of QuickBooks 2006 to the next level.

Save time on everyday tasks

- Regularly entered business expenses get automatically classified. You can simply select a vendor and the amount will automatically fills in the right expense account. You won’t more wasted time scrolling through lists of accounts.
- Improved Shipping Manager, with new thermal printer support and multi-parcel shipping makes it easier to process FedEx and UPS shipments, and create shipping documents from within QuickBooks.

Google Desktop

Want to quickly find the customer, vendor or financial information that you’re looking for in QuickBooks or on your data base? Type in a word or phrase that you’re searching for and you’ll quickly get a complete list of files that best match your search.
Click on the link and go straight to the customer or invoice you want in QuickBooks or a desktop file. You have full control over the search. The Google Desktop tool can search QuickBooks data only when it is accessed within QuickBooks and you can decide whether you want to install the tool or not. Your QuickBooks information will be never sent to other parties.

Google Marketing Tools offers you new ways to help you attract customers easily and online.

- Advertise your business with Google AdWords. Get started with $50 in Google AdWords credits. You can first search and select terms that relate to your business and easily create your advertising. Then your business could see new customers in minutes and you only pay when interested prospects click through to your site. You get to decide how much you’d like to pay for each prospective customer lead and how many leads you’d be interested in, and have full control over how much money you spend on advertising. It gives you possibility to target local customers by selecting the state or city.
You can change your campaign as often as you need and to pause your campaign at any time too.
Plus, with this risk-free, obligation-free offer of $50 Google AdWords credits.

- Help customers find your business by listing on Google Maps – for free.
It won't cost you anything to list your business on Google Maps to reach new local customers looking for your business. Just create and display a business listing for free.
There's a very good chance that lots of people are currently searching on Google for the products and services you offer. Whether you have a website or not, why not make it easy for them to find your business? You have full control over your listing.
Whether you have one business location or several, you can manage your listings from a single account.
Plus you can offer free printable coupons for your clients. Reach new customers or keep loyal ones through printable coupons displayed next to your listing.

- Make your products searchable on Google. Find buyers by making your products searchable on Google with QuickBooks Product Listing Service - Beta (Currently a Free Service). QuickBooks Product Listing Service (Beta) enables you to get your product information onto Google with a few simple steps. Uploading to Google is free of charge during Beta. Detailed product pages are automatically formatted, created, and hosted for you so that they may be searchable on Google. Save time by using the product pricing and information you already have in QuickBooks. Select the products you want to list, edit the descriptions, and add photos.
Manage your pricing and quantity available right in QuickBooks. Information is automatically transferred to your listings and no retyping is required.
Help local buyers easily find you by providing your business contact information and website address.

Efficiently Manage Employees (subscription required)

Enhanced Payroll Center provides customers with an end-to-end view of their most important payroll tasks, from paying employees to paying taxes and filing tax forms.
You can just reminds customers when to pay payroll, when to file and pay payroll taxes, and how much to pay.
QuickBooks Time Tracker helps you save time, invoice faster, and cut timesheet hassles! New QuickBooks Add-On is quick to set up, and can save you hours of re-typing timesheets into QuickBooks. Employees or contractors enter timesheets on the Web, and then you can download them into QuickBooks in one click only. Save time and money compared to doing timesheets by hand. With Time Tracker, timesheet data just needs to be typed one time-by your employees. Download an entire set of employee timesheets right into QuickBooks with a click. You'll save hours of boring work, and reduce errors that can cause incorrect billing.
Now you can collect timesheets more easily with automatic reminders. Notify employees when their timesheets are due or are overdue using automatic email reminders.
Save time for your employees, too. QuickBooks Time Tracer fills information automatically, calculates totals, tracks elapsed time, and allows workers to submit timesheets from any location with Internet access. Time Tracker is built right into the QuickBooks software you already own. There's no new software to buy, install, or learn. And if you have questions or problems, free technical support is included with your subscription.

Free 60-day trial included with QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2007. (Not available for Pro for Mac.)

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Simply Accounting 2007 is recommended by four out of five accountants

Sage Software announced last mouth the availability of the Simply Accounting by Sage 2007 product line, Canada's number one selling small business accounting software, which includes Simply Accounting Entrepreneur, Simply Accounting Basic, Simply Accounting Pro, Simply Accounting Premium with Support and Payroll Services and Simply Accounting - Accountants' Edition. With over 50 new features and enhancements across the product line, Simply Accounting 2007 provides experienced and new users with easy-to-use tools to manage accounting tasks and conduct business more efficiently. For more than 20 years, Simply Accounting has led the Canadian small business market with easy-to-use wide-ranging accounting packages. The new enhancements in Simply Accounting 2007 directly address the real-world needs of small business owners as expressed through focus groups and the feedback of thousands of customers. For this latest release, the products were designed with a focus on time-saving processes, simplified payroll management, more business analysis, and usability enhancements to enable new users to get started even more quickly.

Small businesses will benefit from the more than 50 enhancements and new features, which include:

- Learning centre, this centre provides easy centralized access to all the available help resources, including four new 10-minute tutorials for quick start-up.
- Report centre, a centralized area within the product to navigate through reports and display report descriptions and sample views.
- Improved Microsoft Office integration, Custom Microsoft Word or Excel® documents can be opened within Simply Accounting, and reports created within Simply Accounting can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel.
- Automated backup, easily set Simply Accounting to automatically back up data at scheduled times as well as verify the backed up data to ensure its integrity.
- Improved inventory management, new features like FIFO inventory costing, and the ability to create categories within existing inventory items will enable Simply Accounting users to quickly find and report on the information they need.
- Streamlined new company setup, re-designed navigation enables quick access to the company set up areas that can be completed at the convenience of the administrator.

Simply Accounting is the number one selling accounting software package between Canadian small businesses, and it is recommended by more accountants than any other program on the market, says an independent survey of over 90 accountants who work with small business clients, conducted in Canada in April 2006.

For its 2007 version of Simply Accounting, Sage Software wanted to listen to its customers to improve its products. About 35 per cent of the changes that went into the 2007 Simply Accounting software was driven by customer feedback, said Hugo Croft-Levesque, product manager for Sage Software. One of the problems that Sage had in the past was the lack of a formal feedback process for its customers. Part of the new feedback process, said Croft-Levesque, is to take the suggestions the company wants to implement and do an initial design on paper which is then shown to customers for some validation then changes are made to the paper prototype before it goes final.

Several of these new features and enhancements were made to the unusual iterations of Sage's Simply Accounting Software for 2007. In its entrepreneurial edition of the Simply Accounting product, Croft-Levesque said six new ease-of-use-features were added such as automated backup and a report centre, which is a centralized area within the product to navigate through reports and display report descriptions and sample views.

Simply Accounting Basic has 10 new features that include the ability to merge records.

has 13 new features such as the ability to do packing slips and apply sales discounts that is shown on the invoice as well as the ability to do multiple ship-to addresses.

The Premium edition has 15 new features that include new inventory categories. The accountants' edition has 17 new features including the ability to merge general ledger accounts and is compatible with data that comes from the SIMPLY ACCOUNTING ENTREPRENEUR 2007.

In addition, all versions of Simply Accounting 2007 have over 30 usability enhancements that include a natural language search and a new learning centre that provides centralized access to available help resources. And there is improved Microsoft Office integration, where custom Microsoft Word or Excel documents can be opened in Simply Accounting and reports created within Simply Accounting can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel.

As well, Sage Software has introduced the Simply CARE plans, which provide small businesses with complete product bundles that include product upgrades, payroll tax updates and unlimited access to technical support.

While the company has 55 per cent of the retail market share, Sage Software is all about the channel, said Croft-Levesque, and is relying on it to get the word out on the 2007 edition of Simply Accounting. "The re-seller channel for us is the recommender channel. We have a really big accountants' network of about 6000 accountants and accounting professionals like bookkeepers. Those guys drive our business and when we asked Simply Accounting users what was the biggest influence to purchase, 45 per cent said accountants," he said.
The company is already in the planning stages for its 2008 edition and Croft-Levesque said the company plans on continuing to listen to its customers for feedback on what features to add.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Small Business Accounting Software from Microsoft

Last week Microsoft updated and renamed its small business accounting software, and tossed a bone to the smallest of the small by offering users a free version of the program. Microsoft Corp. has turned its accounting suite for small businesses into two separate offerings, one of which users can download for free starting Monday.

Office Accounting Express 2007, an updated version of Office Small Business Accounting 2006, will be available for free at Microsoft’s website. The free edition, dubbed Office Accounting Express 2007, targets home-based businesses and early startups, said Microsoft, with a limited set of tools that provide basic accounts payable and accounts receivable functions. The "Office" nameplate indicates that the software integrates with Microsoft's suite; specifically its three primary applications of Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Microsoft also will begin offering a slightly higher-end version of the software, Office Accounting Professional 2007, from retailers early next year. The professional edition of the software has more vigorous features than the free version for handling inventory management, cash flow, budgeting and other tasks for small businesses. Office Accounting Express 2007 is designed for small businesses that are just getting off the ground and need help starting up. The familiar look of the Microsoft Office interface will help small-business owners more easily navigate their financial tasks. More advanced capabilities, such as PayPal and eBay integration, online banking, and credit card processing, can be added to Express 2007 via for-fee third-party online services, added Microsoft.

Microsoft introduced Office Small Business Accounting 2006 last September to help small businesses manage income and expense accounting. The product costs US$179, but Microsoft has lowered the pricing for the professional version to $149 in the 2007 edition.

Microsoft Office 2006 Small Business Accounting

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The new accounting titles will compete with QuickBooks and Peachtree. Intuit rolled out its latest, QuickBooks 2007, for Windows in late September and followed this month with an edition for Mac OS X.

Office Accounting Express 2007, which runs on Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista, can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s website.

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