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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Checksoft 2007 Home & Business from Avanquest

Checksoft Home & Business 2007 - Save 25%

Easily Create Checks and Manage Your Finances

Tired of running out of checks, paying too much to get replenishment from your bank, or enduring the downtime it takes for them to send the checks to you? Checksoft Home & Business will ease your frustration by allowing you to quickly and easily design and print your own checks, save you up to 80% on your check related expenses, and help you manage both your personal and business finances.


- Easy-to-use – just 5 minutes to learn the basics
- Affordable – design and print personal, business and payroll checks, and manage your finances for just $49.95
- Save time by creating custom checks for multiple accounts and banks
- Eliminate waste with pre-printed checks – no need to order new checks when you change your personal or business contact information
- Save up to 80% using Checksoft compatible check stock
- Print checks from most popular accounting software – QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Small Business Accounting, Quicken, and more
- Track your sales and expenses and explore ways to save money
- Analyze your business with custom reports
- Import and reconcile your data from your bank, credit card company, and accounting software – Quicken, VersaCheck, and Microsoft Money
- Manage your payables efficiently with the Bill Scheduler
- Money back guarantee

3 Easy Steps to Print Checks & Manage Finances!

New Account Setup

Easily setup your business and personal checking, savings and credit card accounts in minutes. Import online bank data or existing Quicken®, MS® Money, MS Small Business Accounting and VersaCheck™ transactions.

Balance Your Checkbook

Manage your business and personal account transactions in one place. Reconcile your bank statement in minutes. See all your account balances at a glance.

Print Checks & Pay Bills

Design and print checks for all of your business and personal accounts. Print customized checks with all your financial information in one easy step. Or print checks to be filled out by hand.


Create and Print Professional Looking Checks

- Select
Select from over 100 pre-designed check templates or create your own. Enter your account and bank information. You can even create custom check templates and share the design across different accounts.

- Design
Easily add background images, graphics, logos and digital signature to checks. Personalize your account and bank information with 400 additional fonts.

NEW! Adjust check design features, such as font size, position of date, check number and payee line.

- Print
Print complete checks with all your financial information in one easy step. Or print blank checks to be filled out by hand at time of payment.

Checksoft Home & Business Saves You Time and Money

Save Time

Create custom checks for multiple accounts and banks. Slip checks into double window envelopes for easy mailing. No addresses, no applying labels, no hassle.

Eliminate Wasted Checks

With pre-printed checks you have to order new checks as you change your account or address information. But with Checksoft Home & Business, as your check information changes simply change the appropriate account information and print.

Save Money

Checksoft compatible check stock is up to 80% less expensive than purchasing pre-printed checks from your bank, Quicken, MS Money and MS Small Business Accounting.

Design and assemble personal checkbooks

Personal checkbook creation kit includes a checkbook, cover, register and binding strips for easy assembly.

Organize Your Business and Personal Finances

Account Overview

View your checking, savings and credit card accounts in one place including balance, last transaction, upcoming bills and number of checks to print. Updated in real-time as transactions occur.

Address Book & Contact Manager

Includes payee database so you don't have to retype payee information for recurring bills. Keep contact information and important notes.

Account Register

Enter and edit transactions with ease. The account register works just like a checkbook, so it's easy to get started.

- Select a transaction type including ATM, Balance Adjustment, Payment, POS, Print Checks, Deposit, Transfer and more
- Choose the category of your transaction to generate useful reports
- Your ending balance automatically updates as each transaction is recorded
- Transfer money between accounts
- View upcoming scheduling transactions

Bill Scheduler

Stay on top of your finances by scheduling upcoming payments and transactions ahead of time. Bill Scheduler reminds you when they're due or automatically records them for you. Ensure you're never late again on a payment.

Reconcile Accounts

Reconcile your bank statement in minutes with the easy-to-use reconciliation wizard. The reconciliation wizard quickly walks you through the process of matching cleared transactions from your bank statement with transactions entered in your register.

Financial Reports

Cash Flow
Transaction Log
Checks Printed
Category Report
Reconciled Transactions
Outstanding Transactions
Account Balances
Net Worth

Checksoft Home & Business 2007 - Save 25%

Special Offer: Save 20% Off QuickBooks Pro, CD/Downloadable Version + Free Shipping

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A buyer’s guide to Small Business Accounting Software for new businesses

Good financial management information is critical to the success of any new business. Appropriate accounting software can make it easier to produce this information on a timely basis. How can a new business owner choose the best package for his business?

First of all – speak with your accountant

The best person to ask is your accountant. A start-up business has a lot to study and the accountant can be an essential support in the early days, so it makes sense to use an accounts package with which your accountant is familiar. To start with it means he can help you to set it up correctly.

Take a test drive

Many suppliers will let you download their software and run it in demo mode or for a limited period. Do this if you can. Or, at least check the minimum hardware and operating requirements before you buy – some of the latest packages will only run under Windows XP. Most will ask you to register the software online, so you’ll need to be able to get online when you install it.

Getting started

Most of the accounting packages designed for start-ups use a series of on-screen questionnaires, to lead you through the initial setting up. Some of your answers will be irreversible – typically your choice of accounting year end – so some initial planning is required before you start. Choosing an appropriate chart of accounts and the right tax accounting option are also necessary at this phase. Many of the dedicated start-up packages provide tutorials, help sheets or online help articles to guide the new business owner through these initial decisions, so take time to explore your software and the supplier’s website. Decide when you will first record sales – at the order/quote stage, when an invoice is issued, or when the customer pays you? If you want to be able to print sales invoices and track customer accounts make sure the chosen package has this facility. The top software suppliers can also supply pre-printed customer invoice and statement stationery (at a price) to fit their software. Learn how to reconcile the bank account, either using the software’s own help or by getting help at the beginning from your bookkeeper.

Make Reports

Getting the information into the computer is only half the battle. Getting it out is the other. What you want to know answers to those questions:
- How much money do I have?
- Am I doing better than last year?
- How much taxes do I owe?
- Who owes me money?
- Whom I must pay this month?

Good software will come with a set of reports covering all these questions and will display or remind you of important financial facts and terms.

Is your software worth?

The latest trend in accounting software is subscription-based pricing. Make sure you are happy with the future commitment you are taking on. Does the price include telephone support or do you have to pay extra? If so, is the support line open during the hours you are likely to want it? If you plan to grow your business significantly, is there an upgrade path to the fully featured version of this accounting software? Established SME software suppliers such as Sage and QuickBooks have start-up packages that you can migrate to their grown up packages. Single product suppliers can’t offer this option. However, many so-called "start-up" packages will take a new business up to a reasonable size before they can no longer cope, and some come as multi-user from the outset.

What’s next?

The other growth area this year seems to have been in online accounting services, where software is hosted by the supplier and you simply access it over the Internet using a normal browser. The program and your data are both held by the hosting company, meaning that you can access your accounts anywhere in the world if you can get online. Most of these packages are written purposely for the internet so direct comparison with desktop packages is not so easy, but they typically offer a full range of accounting modules and most allow you to give your accountant direct access to your live accounting records, which enables them to give you a more pro-active advisory service. If you need to access your accounts from various locations, or have been offered an online solution by your accountant you should consider this option.