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Monday, July 17, 2006

Accounting Help for the Cost of a Cup of Coffee

Warrington Web Works (WWW) has launched a "pay as you go" accounting software support service where questions can be answered for the cost of a cup of coffee.Warrington Web Works ( WWW) provide Sage accounts software training for businesses globally and through their experience and research, have come up with a low cost "pay as you go" way of providing accounting support to staff in the small business sector.

Accounting software producers have stated for many years how easy it is for non-accountants to use their packages and that holds true so long as the buyer is prepared to invest in training and support. Anyone with a desire to learn can be trained how to input data but it’s nigh on impossible to encompass within that training everything the user will experience over a 12 month accounting period and that’s where support comes in.

Anthony Fallon, head of WWW accounting support said "When we look at all the accounting staff trained by us over a twelve month period, ninety percent of the people in charge of the accounting function of a small business had no accounting qualifications or background."He continued "There are a lot of people out there in Accounts departments using Sage Line 50 and other software programs that have no day to day accounting support because small business owners and indeed, some larger businesses fail to see the value of annual and monthly support contracts."It’s usually a family member, such as the wife, husband, daughter or someone close that ends up with the task of recording the company accounts and the decision is always based on cost. Qualified accounting staff will always go for the money offered by larger companies. This leaves the small business sector without the skill base required to keep accurate company records for the banks, government and their own business management."

With a "pay as you go" support service, anyone can get the answer to any accounting question they need at the time when they need it without being tied into long term support contracts. It really is a case of asking the question and getting the answer for a small payment and it’s a win-win situation for the accounting staff that gets the support they need and the business owner doesn’t have to fork out hundreds of pounds or dollars for a service they may never use.Anthony Fallon added, "We’ve been testing a pre-launch service through our existing client base and the feedback has been very positive; we will either e-mail the answer through or telephone the client depending on the complexity of the question

The company will initially target the support at users of Sage Line 50 accounting software but Warrington Web Works intends to expand the service by partnering with experts in other small business accounting software packages such as Quick Books, TAS Books and Mind Your Own Business (MYOB).

The Service will be launched on July 17th and is available 24/7 for Sage Line 50 users globally through a dedicated support website The Sage Training Posts.

PRWEB, July 7,2006


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