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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bookkeeper 2006 - The Easiest Way to Manage Your Business Finances

Bookkeeper enables you to manage all of your daily financial tasks from one screen. Write checks and pay bills in record time. Invoice the fast and easy way. Track receivables until they're paid. Bookkeeper gives you all the accounting functionality you'll ever need at a fraction of the cost.
• NEW! Easy Start-up Wizard
• Payroll & Timesheets
• Payroll Tax Tables (additional fee required)
• General Ledger
• Check Writing
• Billing & Invoicing
• Payables
• ReceivablesBookkeeper 2006
• Budgeting
• Job Tracking
• 95 Reports
• POs & Inventory
• NEW! Process Credit Card Payments
• NEW! Import Product, Customer and Vendor Information

Any Small Business can afford to buy Bookkeeper 2006, which, for $29.95 offers a passable subset of QuickBooks' features. Bookkeeper 2006 processes accounts receivable and payable, tracks inventory and payroll, prints checks, and issues reports. It may serve you well and it wouldn’t break your budget. Bookkeeper 2006 import databases of customer, vendor, and inventory item text files, and it does at least walk you through the most basic company background. Data-record templates and forms (invoices, estimates, and purchase orders) are adequate, though not exceptional. You can add custom fields, too. Another feature in Bookkeeper 2006 is its support for merchant accounts. Reports are critical to the usefulness of an accounting application, and Bookkeeper 2006 offers plenty, all very customizable. You can even print forms such as 1099s and W-2s.


Manage your Banking

- Easily create bank accounts
- Reconcile bank accounts
- Schedule payments and get reminders when they are due
- Split checks against multiple jobs and accounts
- Search by date range, memo and more

Manage Billing & Invoicing

- Track invoices and bills until paid
- Choose from 3 types of invoices: Professional, Service or Product
- Create estimates and turn them into invoices in one click
- Add shipping information and custom messages to your invoices
- Apply single or partial payment across multiple invoices

Process Payroll in Minutes

- Use flexible pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
- Easily handle salary and hourly employees
- Automatically calculate FICA, federal state and local taxes
- Print W-2\'s, 940s and 941 quarterly information
- Link employee records to specific wage expense accounts
- Track vacation and sick time
* Some local tax rates must be entered manually

Job & Project Tracking

- Manage multiple jobs simultaneously
- View jobs & projects quickly and easily
- Choose from 4 types of status levels: proposed, in progress, completed,closed

Manage POs & Inventory

- Purchase goods and supplies and track their inventory levels
- Receive goods against open purchase orders
- Choose from 4 types of status levels: proposed, in progress, completed, closed

Detailed Reporting

- Choose from 95 reports
- Customize reports by date range and more
- Export reports to CSV and txt formats


Write Checks

Select the bills you want to pay - individually or in batches. Bookkeeper 2006 will automatically fill out the checks for you. Even make partial payments. Consolidate multiple bills on one check. Your account balance, payment discounts and totals are automatically calculated. Reconcile your bank statement with the easy-to-use reconciliation wizard.

- Account balance updated in real time as checks are processed
- Include a memo line for your transaction
- Write one check for multiple jobs and accounts
- Choose the transaction category to generate useful reports

NEW! Process Credit Card Payments

Accept credit card payments and significantly increase your business. With Bookkeeper 2006, you can process any sale, at any time, with any payment, including credit card, ATM/debit cards checks and more.
*ATM/debit payments accepted only if they can be processed as credit.

Generate Purchase Orders

Purchase goods and supplies to run your business more efficiently.

- Add goods and supplies from your inventory list
- Insert messages or shipping instructions
- Receive goods against open purchase orders
- Received quantity is automatically added to your inventory

Manage Product Inventory

Manage inventory levels or products, goods and supplies.

- Track quantity on hand, supplier of item and more
- Each time an invoice is created the item quantity is automatically subtracted from your inventory
- Set minimum inventory reorder levels and receive a notification when item reaches that inventory level

Create Professional Invoices & Estimates

Impress your clients and collect money faster with professional invoices and estimates. Improve your company image and customer communication. Choose from estimate and invoice formats for every type of business: professional, service and product.

- Quickly insert product or service information
- Create text messages to include with your invoice
- Sales tax and totals are automatically calculated
- Add shipping information, including tracking number and freight costs

Manage Contact Information

Keep track of all customer, employer and vendor information including tax information and account balances. Now, Bookkeeper 2006 lets you import product, customer and vendor data. You can even store unique information including email addresses, cellular phone numbers, birth dates, meeting dates, office hours and more with custom fields.

Compatible Check Stock

Use pre-printed check stock from Deluxe or Nebs to print checks from Bookkeeper. Bookkeeper supports the following check forms from Deluxe or Nebs:

Deluxe Business Checks & Solutions:

- Deluxe 080929
- Deluxe 080931
- Deluxe 081004
- Deluxe 081013
- Deluxe 081064
- Deluxe 081175


- 10321
- 13403
- 9011
- 9039
- 9085
- 9209

Reviews from customers:

Worth the money for Small business
I have had this program just over one month and fine the program. It is very easy to use and operate. No it won’t do any online backing, but for the record a lot of companies still cut checks. I deal with them every day. You can record payments and take care of them on your own banks site if you wish.

This program gives a very big bang for the buck...IT WORKS...

I’ve had to work with Quicken and the layout was never all that clear as to be to go. I find Bookkeeper’s tab layout very helpful. Everything is easy to read and understand I was printing Invoices and Estimates within the first 30 min of setting things up. You can also use it for more that one company!!
July 18, 2006, J.Walker, Hickory NC

Very Solid Product for the Price
Very solid product especially if you are running a professional services business. Provides all of the usual "bells and whistles" and makes the G/L accounting part seemless. I've not encountered any SQL errors and it is quite easy to enter miscellaneous adjustments (VISA Card Transactions) to your bank account and payables using the Bank Adjustments tab. It takes a little time to understand the details behind payroll, but once you've worked through it, it is a breeze.
Bookkeeper 2006 is Great product for $30- especially for a small company.
August 4, 2005, James Murphy

Great Product
I bought this product more than 3 months ago. I have a small business and needed something to help me deal with my finances. This product does just that with nice, easy screens. I have not had any issues, and recommend this product to anyone.
May 3, 2006, Rockaway, NJ

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