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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Google tie-up with Intuit’s QuickBooks 2007 against Microsoft

In a move to allow small business users of Intuit Accounting Software to promote themselves online, Intuit, a maker of well-liked accounting and tax software, announced its arrangement to integrate various search and marketing services from Google into its next version – QuickBooks 2007. Google has made a contract with Intuit for including the Web search tools in Intuit's new QuickBooks accounting software. The search-engine company is now in the desktop challenge against Microsoft. This contract represents one of the most important moves for Google's entry into Microsoft-held PC desktop software. Google want to get access with 1.5 million Small Businesses that are expected to buy Quick Books 2007. The product will be out on the market in the end of September 2006.
The tie-up with Intuit confers Google a positive chance to make friends in this community by making online advertising less impressive and to give small business owners the ability to create Ad Words ads campaigns. In addition, other tools from both companies will be integrated in the software that will be useful to small businesses. For instance, Google Maps will make it possible for entrepreneurs to list contact information and Google Base will tolerate products to be introduced into Google search results. QuickBooks 2007 users will get $50 in credits after creating AdWords account, Google's massive search-based pay-per-click advertising program, and the key source of most of Google's revenue.
Estimating the QuickBooks users’ online attendance that is not as much of half of the businesses, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, "QuickBooks has millions of small businesses, and this is the best way to get millions of new advertisers into these online networks." Under the deal, small business owners acquiring QuickBooks 2007 will have access to different Google features using QuickBooks.
The Accounting Software QuickBooks 2007 provides financial management solutions for small business, professional tax consultants and accountants. The software will contain shortcuts and links to search giant's AdWords advertising program, Maps Web site, and Base product listing service. For example, businessmen using QuickBooks to uphold their accounts can help customers locate their stores at Google Maps. A Google-enabled QuickBooks will also let customers to create keyword explorations for their products, so that their ads appear whenever someone searches for the product on Google. Merchants can also upload information about their inventories to Google Base so consumers can know what they have in stock.
As well as easy access to Google features, QuickBooks 2007 will also come equipped with Google Desktop application for indexing and searching PC hard drives. A twist in the search application will make it definite that QuickBooks data can only be accessed by Google Desktop when the search is initiated from within QuickBooks.
This tie-up between Intuit and Google also opens up one more challenge in the wide-ranging and battle between the search giant and Microsoft, as each vendor moves combatively into the other's center markets. Microsoft is also an Intuit opponent in the market for small business accounting software, though Intuit, which required uniting with Microsoft in 1994, has outpaced software giant in personal finance software.
Satya Nadella, corporate vice-president for business solutions at Microsoft says, "This notion of being able to have desktop products integrate with online services is something we support today and will continue to evolve."

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