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Monday, August 21, 2006

Why choose QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Easier to Begin

QuickBooks makes it easy to get started right away! It is easy to modify QuickBooks for your specific business and industry. You just need to know the key information about your company to make timely decisions based on your company's financial. Examples of specific industries which use Quick Books include:

- Accountants and Accounting Firms
- Consultants
- Retail Stores
- Restaurants
- Service Businesses
- Day Care Centers
- Medical and Health Care Offices
- Farms and Ranches
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Advertising and Public Relations Firms
- Architectural Firms
- Writers
...and MANY More

Save Time - Get Done Quicker

For transactions that occur often QuickBooks saves you time by letting you remember a transaction. You can then have QuickBooks re-enter the data for you, even automating the process at intervals you indicate. You can even group memorized transactions and activate them all at once, saving your time. QuickBooks' Quick Add technology eliminates time-consuming double-entry of data. You will love the QuickZoom feature, which lets you dig deeper into your business reports. A simple magnifying glass icon appears over data in a report. Double-click on it to get more detail about that item and you get the data your need easily, right now!

Quick Books Make up to date Financial Decisions with Useful Tools

QuickBooks' exclusive Decision Tools put the information ahead of you to make your timely financial decisions. You will be able to analyze your financial position, compare alternative actions, and set policies. Decision Tools shows you not only the data, but how to understand it and how it affects your business profit. Reminders advise you when it's time to print invoices and purchase orders or pay your bills. QuickBooks Centre group make company data into the main areas of your operation. They consist of Company Centre, Vendor Detail Centre, Customer Centre, and Customer Detail Centre.

Best for your Small Business

Your industry is unique, so shouldn't your business software replicate that? Running a shop has entirely different priorities than running an accounting service. QuickBooks know this, and gives you the data you need quickly. You can adapt a report's appearance to highlight the most important data needed to make decisions in your industry. You can even export reports to Microsoft Excel with the QuickBooks Pro version. QuickBooks makes it easy to launch letters to your customer and vendors with the QuickBooks Letters feature. It provides you with formats to start with, making the process easier. For Microsoft Outlook users, you can even coordinate your contact information between QuickBooks and Outlook.

Benefits for Business Owners

Because so many small to mid-sized businesses rely on QuickBooks, you can be sure to find accountants that can use it to keep your books and prepare reports with it.

- Get more from your financial database
- Train your bookkeeper yourself and avoid the cost of a bookkeeping trainer
- Maximize your income by monitoring your company's finances regularly
- Understand the savings by getting full benefit of online capabilities

Benefits for Freelance Accountants

Use the Software that Your Clients Use
Because so many businesses operate QuickBooks for their books, your skills are always needed.
QuickBooks Pro
Not only will you have compelling software at your fingertips to provide services to your clients, but you will also be able to get a potential or new client set up and charge them for the service. Another income producing service is to help small business owners make level an out-of-control bookkeeping system and put them back on track. This training will show you how to set up a new company, reconcile their current results with outside sources, and make adjusting entries to get it right.

Benefits for accounting career

QuickBooks Skills Look Great On a Resume
You couldn't find a better accounting and bookkeeping software to learn to boost your profitable skills. Today, the accounting software of choice between small business owners is QuickBooks Pro. A working knowledge of QuickBooks Pro is crucial when helping their business succeed. 80 percent of those businesses that have accounting software in place trust QuickBooks with their financial information.

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Learn how to save time and money with QuickBooks.

Compare QuickBooks with Microsoft Office 2006 Small Business Accounting and Peachtree Accounting Software.


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