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Thursday, February 01, 2007

QuickTax Business Incorporated Edition

About Software:

Doing taxes for your incorporated business has never been easier. You can prepare your business taxes easy and avoid costly professional fees while maximizing your business deductions. You can file a T2 tax return for your incorporated business - perfect if you submit a separate personal tax return. For businesses with fiscal year-end between Nov. 1, 2006 and Oct. 31, 2007.

What is new in QuickTax for Tax Year 2006:

- Enhanced Business Interview - used simple language and instructions, ensuring you claim every tax advantage for your business
- Changed user interface - is easy-to-use and walks you through your return
- Upgraded help menu - now you can search from a list of tax topics to get the expert help you need - instantly!

How QuickTax can help you:

Maximize deductions from business income

After getting all the help you need you will have your business taxes done right. QuickTax Business Incorporated Edition helps you make better business decisions - save time and money and get back to business sooner. The Business Interview and Deduction Finder guide you to find tax advantages you might otherwise overlook. Get every deduction and tax credit you deserve.

Maximize business deductions

- Industry-specific expenses
- Office expenses
- Travel
- Promotion and advertising costs
- Employee salaries and benefits
- Postage, subscriptions and franchise fees
- Equipment and furniture
- Home office deductions
- Start-up costs
- Vehicle expenses

Easy to use

- QuickTax's EasyStep Interview guides you step-by-step asking questions in simple language and automatically fills out the right forms for you as you answer
- All the calculations are done for you
- No tax jargon or knowledge of government forms required

Have confidence your taxes are done right

- QuickTax alerts you to money-saving deductions you may have overlooked
- The Active Auditor follows your evolution throughout the entire tax return to make sure you are completing your return correctly
- The Auditor reminds you at three key points to correct any errors you may have missed:
- When you enter your information - missing information is clearly highlighted so it's easy to see what you've missed
- In a summary screen - every entry you need to re-check is clearly listed
- When you're ready to print - reminds you of anything that needs to be reviewed

Organize your business finances

- Better understand the impact of your taxes on your business finances
- Just enter your business expenses and QuickTax deducts the correct eligible amount
- Transfer data quickly and easily directly from QuickBooks or Quicken

Who can use Quicktax Business Incorporated 2006:

Practically – everyone, but look at recommended system requirement just in case:

At least 300 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent) with 128 MB of RAM
Minimum System Configuration
166 MHz Intel Pentium (or equivalent) with 64 MB of RAM
Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP/XP Professional x64
100 MB free hard drive space required, plus approximately 12 MB free hard drive space for Internet Explorer if not already installed
Internet Explorer 6.0 required (provided on CD)! QuickTax Business Incorporated for Tax Year 2005 does run on the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 browser
At least 256 color SVGA video
800x600 minimum resolution with small fonts
Windows compatible printer
6x CD-ROM or faster
All online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps modem

Quicktax Business Incorporated 2006 may be installed on two computers. It must be activated via Internet or telephone prior to first use.

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